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When facing a foreclosure, a short sale may be your best option to sell your home fast and start anew. Learn how our agents can be of assistance. 

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Sometimes a Short Sale is not the ideal solution. It takes a long time and negotiating with the bank. Another option we offer is to lease option the home for a period that can be up to 10 years. The typical period is usually no more than 3 years, however. We have lots of buyers looking for a better way to get into a home. They have good credit but lack the down payment for a conventional loan. The payments are structured to apply a certain amount of the rental payment as a down payment when the tenant gets financing at the end of the lease period. The best news is that the tenant takes care of the property he considers his own. If he is unable to acquire financing, he walks away and you do it with someone else. You keep the deposit. This can happen in as little as two weeks. Leave your contact information for a prompt response.


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Southern Cal Homes in Torrance, California, is a real estate company that specializes in short sales and foreclosure prevention. We have also been buying and selling single-family homes and apartments in Southern California since 2003, and we've been doing short sales since 2008. For more than 10 years, our agents have worked hard to build lasting relationships with each and every client, helping them find the best way to get out of their uncomfortable situation—whether they're facing a foreclosure or having a hard time selling their property. At Southern Cal Homes, you get to work with agents who respect your time by working efficiently.

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